Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Fort Worth

whiten teeth with our Fort Worth dentist near BenbrookOne of the most popular, sought after cosmetic dentistry treatments is teeth whitening in Fort Worth. And there is good reason for this. With teeth whitening, our smile can go from blah to awe in a short period of time, sometimes even one day! At The Parkway Dentist, we are ready to whiten teeth and brighten your beautiful smile.

Opalescence Teeth Whitening

You may be familiar with the in-office teeth whitening options with our dentist near Benbrook. At our practice in Fort Worth, we offer Opalescence whitening. After just one visit, Opalescence can whiten your teeth to give you the naturally perfect and healthy smile you’ve always wanted. Opalescence is a revolutionary, one-hour teeth whitening experience that is safe, remarkably effective and the results last for years. At our practice, your satisfaction is guaranteed! Opalescence whitening is chemically activated and doesn’t require a hot light. You can feel comfortable while we whiten your smile. The special PF formula helps keep your enamel healthy and strong. After your appointment, you’ll see dramatic results instantly. Come on in, sit back and relax, and let the teeth whitening process begin!

Tooth Bleaching Trays

get tooth bleaching and teeth whitening with our dentist in Fort WorthThe tooth bleaching trays near Benbrook still remain an easy and successful method to whiten teeth. Impressions are taken of your mouth. From these impressions, we make teeth whitening trays that specifically fit your teeth to whiten teeth. A shade of your teeth is taken so that we have something to compare the “before shade” to the “new shade.” When the tooth bleaching trays are ready, an appointment is made to make sure the trays fit properly and to explain the teeth whitening process. It takes about two weeks of wearing your teeth whitening trays for only 1½ hours each day to achieve the results you are looking for. After that, additional tooth bleaching gel may be purchased from us as you feel the need to refresh your smile. Having your own personal tooth bleaching trays to whiten teeth near Benbrook will ensure the convenience of “perking-up” that smile whenever you like.


We now have the Oral B Whitestrips available in our office as another method of tooth bleaching. The kits consist of all the Whitestrips needed to complete the process on the top and bottom teeth. The Whitestrips are worn twice a day for 30 minutes for 21 days. The strength of the tooth bleaching formula in the Whitestrips is far more effective than any over the counter product.

The above-mentioned teeth whitening procedures are all available for you in our office and are safe and effective for your teeth. After all, why not brighten your smile? A smile is meant to last for a lifetime. A white smile will delight you for your whole life as well.

Call our general dentistry office today if you have questions about our teeth whitening services or to schedule an appointment if you are in Fort Worth or Benbrook!

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