Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Sleep Disorder Solutions in Fort Worth

get treatment for sleep apnea and snoring with a Fort Worth dentist near BenbrookAre you still tired, even after you have had what should have been a good night’s sleep? Are you weary during the day or even struggling to stay awake? Are you irritable, feel fuzzy or find it difficult to concentrate? Is your sleep partner complaining because you are snoring so loudly it’s hard to sleep in Fort Worth? If so, you may have one of the most common sleep disorders, sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea in Fort Worth, though one of the most common sleep disorders, often goes undiagnosed for years. Even though your sleep is being interrupted (that’s what sleep apnea means), you don’t know it because the interruptions are for such a short period of time, you go back to sleep or don’t come fully awake. However, your deep sleep has been interrupted over and over again throughout one night and without deep sleep, you feel tired, cranky and often disoriented.

There are several sleep disorders treatments for sleep apnea near Benbrook, the most common being a C-PAP. C-PAP is very effective, but some people can’t use them. For any sleep disorders sufferer in Fort Worth who has sleep apnea, we offer an alternative–a nightguard you wear when you go to sleep. This nightguard is something like a mouthguard people who play sports wear. Our nightguard is custom made and adjusts your jaw so your airways are open and your snoring may cease near Benbrook. The nightguard is also an effective sleep disorders treatment for sleep apnea.

Nightguards have some advantages over C-PAP

helpful solutions for sleep disorders with a Fort Worth dentist

  • Nightguards require no electricity. This means that you can take them camping and other places you may sleep (a power nap in the lounge at work?) and not worry about finding a place to plug the machine in.
  • Nightguards to treat sleep disorders and snoring are much easier to maneuver. It is just an appliance to put in your mouth. C-PAP require that you put a mask over your mouth and nose and don’t allow much freedom of movement because the mask is connected to a hose.
  • Nightguards have been found very effective for sleep disorders patients near Benbrook and those who have snoring problems because they sleep on their back.

The fantastic, caring dental team at The Parkway Dentist believe you deserve a good night’s sleep. Call today so we can get rid of the snoring, treat the sleep apnea and give you the best possibility for sweet dreams. Dr. Gregory Kiene cares about your dental health and wants to restore your beautiful smile.