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Tooth Implant Dentistry in Fort Worth

get beautiful dental implants in Fort WorthYou may have heard of dental implants. If you have missing teeth in your smile, you may want to hear more about implant dentistry in Fort Worth! If you have gaps in your smile that are causing you embarrassment, or if you are noticing that some of your teeth are getting worn down because you overuse them to compensate for your missing teeth, dental implants may be the answer for you!

Implant dentistry is a marvel to the dental world. Years ago, dentures, partial dentures and dental bridges (or going without teeth) were your only options if you needed new teeth. And those options are still viable. The great thing is, now they can be used with dental implants.

What is a tooth implant?

A tooth implant in Fort Worth is a small titanium post that is gently inserted into your gums and into your jawbone. In time, usually 3-6 months, the post fuses with your jawbone. This creates a “new” tooth root on which is placed a custom made dental crown. These two aspects, the tooth implant, and the dental crown create a new tooth that replaces the gap in your smile.

Many dentists only provide the restoration of dental implants, but they refer their clients to outside specialists for the surgical placement of dental implants themselves. This can be inconvenient for their patients to get to know a new doctor and travel to a new office. The specialist is not as familiar with their teeth and preferences as their regular dentist is.

Here at The Parkway Dentist, Dr. Gregory Kiene, DMD, both places dental implants and tends to their restorations. He is highly-qualified and very well practiced in the dental implants procedure from start to finish. So you can stick with one dentist and one office and leave your worries behind.

In fact, our Fort Worth dentist office uses a minimally-invasive approach to placing implants called OsteoReady. When compared to the traditional dental implant placement procedures, this approach:

  • shortens placement time (only about 7 minutes per implant)
  • causes less pain and discomfort, both during placement and after your appointment
  • requires fewer appointments
  • allows you to heal in less time (normally only 3 months)
  • reduces the chance of infection

Why use dental implants to replace gaps in your smile?

Implant dentistry procedures have many advantages, including:

tooth implant dentistry Fort Worth dentist near Benbrook

  • Dental implants are remarkably durable. Once placed, they can be with you for life.
  • A tooth implant near Benbrook looks just like your natural teeth. We custom make the dental crown that tops the tooth implant so the crown’s size, shape and color fit into your smile. No one will ever know you had a gap in your smile. The tooth implant looks great.
  • Dental implants feel like your regular teeth. They also have the advantage over dentures because they not only have a tooth but a tooth root. This means that the full, complete feeling you want in your mouth is also supported by a tooth root. Having tooth roots gives your face its natural, symmetrical shape and not the gaunt look you can often get from having no tooth roots.
  • A tooth implant requires no special care. You brush and floss as you would regularly do and see your dentist for check ups regularly.
  • Dental implants in Fort Worth can be used to secure a dental bridge or partial or full dentures if you have more than one tooth missing side by side. Dental implants near Benbrook can give you a far more secure system with dental bridges or dentures as the apparatus can be connected to the permanent dental implants. In many cases, if you have all your teeth missing, implant dentistry can restore you your smile in a way you never thought possible.

Here at The Parkway Dentist, we can service your implant dentistry needs from start to finish. Dr. Kiene will both place your implants and restore them when needed, instead of sending you off to an unfamiliar practice.

Implant dentistry near Benbrook can give you a beautiful smile that you will love, that will function and feel just like you had originally. For more information about our dental implants in Fort Worth, call us today! Dr. Kiene would love to tell you more about them and answer any questions you might have about tooth implant dentistry.

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