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Lighten Up! Teeth Whitening in Fort Worth

Lighten Up In Fort Worth

Do you think your teeth are too stained for teeth whitening to have any effect? Think again! At The Parkway Dentist in Fort Worth, we whiten smiles for patients with both intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains are caused by dark colored foods and drinks, smoking, and normal aging. The Parkway Dentist cosmetic dentistry patients…

Are You Flossing Out Of Fear?

Categories: Dental Health
cost of dental crowns Fort Worth

Most Fort Worth men and women know that flossing is an important part of dental health. The value of this simple yet important exercise in oral hygiene has been shown time and time again. But does fear have to play a role in Fort Worth’s commitment to the practice? Flossing offers a chance to remove…

A Proud Dental Practice

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
Proud Professional Cosmetic Dentistry In Fort Worth

The Parkway Dentist is proud to serve not only Fort Worth but the greater Fort Worth area. Our professional dental team consists of proud members of the community we serve. It’s worth the trip for the change it will make in your life. Are you proud of your smile? You should be. Your smile is…

Know The Facts About Oral Piercings

Categories: General Dentistry
General Dentistry In Fort Worth Says To Avoid Tongue Piercings

Body piercings are a common form of self-expression seen around Fort Worth. Today’s post is for those who currently have an oral piercing or are considering one. Since this is a general dentistry blog, I am sure you expect us to raise all sorts of alarms warning of the dangers of piercings. You are right.…

Do You Love Your Smile?

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
Try Fort Worth Cosmetic Dentistry Today!

The Benbrook people who are most happy with their smiles have healthy, straight teeth that sparkle when they laugh. If nature didn’t bless you with attractive teeth, you are not alone. Most perfect smiles you come across in Fort Worth were not always that way. They are the result of cosmetic dentistry performed by an…

Teeth: What Have They Done For You Lately?

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
Fort Worth cosmetic dentistry

Welcome to the Fort Worth dental blog! Today we are going to explore the secret life of our teeth. The shape of each tooth gives a clue to what it does. The incisors, or your front teeth, are sharp. They need to be because their job is to cut food and their curvature helps move…

What Is Lurking Under Your Gumline?

Categories: Dental Health
Gum Disease Treatment Fort Worth

Your overall oral health depends not only on healthy teeth but also healthy gums. Proper oral hygiene helps keep both your teeth and gums in good shape. When brushing, hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle with the bristle tips aimed at the line where the tooth and gum meet. The bristles of a soft…


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