Summer time is Up! Back To Fall.

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As Summer comes to a close and a new school year approaches, we at the Parkway Dentist look back at all the fun summer things we did and look forward to the start of fall. Here are a few things we did and a few we can’t wait to do! Dr. Cook: Finished a lean-to…

The Parkway Dentist Takes a Pie

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There’s nothing quite like the sensation… of a cool, gooey splat of a cream pie hitting your face. And The Parkway Dentist can attest to that. Because The whole office took a pie to the face. Why? Well back in early May we put a challenge out to our patients in the Forth Worth, Benbrook…

Mothers Day Love From The Parkway Dentist

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With Mothers Day right around the corner we wanted to show our mothers and all mothers what we think of them. Because they do so much and deserve the best we can give. So we asked The Parkway Dentist team To tell us what they think of their Mothers, Express their love to them (their…

Why We Love Dentistry

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The Parkway Dentist is full of incredible Assistants, Hygienists, and a fantastic Dentist. Each who love their patients and their job.   Ever wonder how we got where we are and why? We wanted our beloved patients to know. So we went around  and asked our team and Doctor… 1.Why did you go into Dentistry?…

Snow Days for the Team of the Parkway Dentist

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WHETHER YOU’RE LYING BACK relaxing in the dental chair or curled up in the warmth of your home, you may not be the only one dreaming about a tropical vacation. To brighten up the cold winter months, we thought we’d share some of our thoughts and memories of snow days we’ve had with all of you.…