Ft. Worth Pediatric Dentistry

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New toothYour Ft. Worth child’s dental health is essential to overall health and vitality. At The Parkway Dentist, our Ft. Worth pediatric dentists love working with you and your child to ensure a healthy smile for life. Why? The health of your Ft. Worth child’s teeth and gums can affect their speech development, eating habits, and self-esteem.

Benbrook pediatric dental care is critical, and that is why we recommend bringing your Ft. Worth child in for a first exam before age one, or when their first tooth erupts. During the initial visit, we can discuss Arlington dental treatments such as sealants, fluoride treatments, brushing and flossing techniques and Texas orthodontics.

Benbrook children’s dentists also counsel parents about thumb-sucking, pacifier use and other habits that affect your child’s Ft. Worth pediatric dental health. We can also help you keep your child’s teeth protected during sporting activities. Call us immediately at 817-769-2763 if your child has a dental emergency or tooth injury.

Our caring staff will make your child feel comfortable during their Ft. Worth dental visit.

In addition to offering experienced Ft. Worth kid’s dentistry, we are also a full-service Texas dental clinic. We offer advice and care to our Benbrook and Fort Worth dental patients on lumineers, tooth implants, teeth whitening, tooth bonding, and restorative dentistry.

We hope to be your Ft. Worth children’s dentist consultant.

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