Mothers Day Love From The Parkway Dentist

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With Mothers Day right around the corner we wanted to show our -absolutely_free_photos-original_photos-little-tiny-baby-hand-holding-mother-finger-4608x3072_20348mothers and all mothers what we think of them. Because they do so much and deserve the best we can give. So we asked The Parkway Dentist team To tell us what they think of their Mothers, Express their love to them (their Mothers) and tell us a fond childhood memory with Her.


Dr. Justin Cook-
Mom is my full time worrier, my care-giving, first example of love in this life.  She taught me to pray, to know His mercy and blessings, and how to work.  I learned humility and humor from my mother, and when she became a single mother of six kids, I saw her humility and humor in action, and witnessed reliance on the Lord.  Through her, I’ve seen the power of God manifest in the crucible of life’s challenges, and I believe that has given me the faith to step into life and embrace my own challenges.  Thanks mom, Love you.


This will be my first Mother’s Day ever without my mom… So it’s a hard one.,The best memory I have about my mother would be that no matter how poor we where we never knew we where poor! She always made sure we had everything we needed and even with 6 children made it work somehow. She always knew how to make the best out of a bad situation and taught me how to trust and believe in God for all things! My mother was an amazing woman and I miss her more than words could express. :0)


My mother was a hard working woman, sometimes working three jobs at the same time. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 53. She passed 16 years later. Through my mother I developed the same work ethic as she had and how to always put my family before myself. She gave and gave and went with less to make sure her five children always had a home cooked meal. She also taught me to cook and sew at an early age so I could make my own clothes and cook for a family of seven. I was proud of her for all she did for our family.


My mother is one of the most positive people I know and she always looks for the best in people.   Right now she is fighting for her life from cancer and I have never seen her so brave. She is my hero. I would hope to be half the woman of God that she has been my whole life.


I Love my Mother. She is a huge part of my life teaching me the basics and more advanced things of life. She is my best friend. I remember when I was younger she would read to me every night and I loved listening to her read. I’ve learned so much from watching and listening to her. From her Kindness Faith and willingness to share and help others. To her braving the unknown and trying new things. Thank you Mom for being the best teacher and amazing Friend. Love you.


What I love most about my mom is her heart! She is very giving and will go out of her way for people even though she, herself is disabled. My favorite childhood memory of my mom would have to be the late night walks. We would go for long walks at the end of the day and would talk about school and life.


My mom has always been a great role model, she has taught me how to trust, love, forgive, laugh and to always believe in myself. My favorite memory of my mom would be dancing to jimmy buffet in the kitchen. Cheeseburger in paradise was and still is our favorite song.



My mom is my number one supporter. She has always loved me unconditionally no matter what was going on in my life. My mom has always been the one person I could count on. She and I have a special bond, some of that reason may be because I’m her only daughter out of 4 children. I honestly cannot say enough nice things about my mom and how much joy she brings to my life.

  Now we ask YOU to take the time and thank a Mother, whether it be your own Mother, a Grandmother, a Step-Mother, or a Mother-in-Law. All Mothers need love and today is a great day to show it.
“My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.”
-George Washington