Replace A Missing Tooth With A Durable Dental Implant

Fort Worth dental implants

Dental implants from The Parkway Dentist in Fort Worth are an ideal option for anyone who has lost one or more of their teeth, whether from injury, gum disease, or some other reason.

A dental implant is a titanium post that is permanently placed in the jaw, where it fuses with the bone. Implants can hold a single replacement tooth or a bridge, or serve to anchor dentures.

Before you can get a dental implant, we must be sure you are a good candidate for one. The ideal candidate is someone in good general and oral health, with enough jaw bone to support the implant. The best candidates also have healthy gum tissue.

Patients with bone that is too thin or soft are not able to support an implant. In such cases a bone graft can help. In a bone graft, we take a section of bone from another part of the body, or use a special bone grafting material. It is grafted onto the jaw, where after a few months new and stronger bone has grown. At that point there is usually enough healthy bone to support the implant.

Titanium is ideally suited to be used as dental implants. It is strong and lightweight, and fuses with bone better than any other metal. This property is also what makes titanium so useful in hip and other joint replacements. Titanium implants have a success rate that is greater than ninety percent.

Dental implants from The Parkway Dentist in Fort Worth are a durable tooth replacement option. They look and function like natural teeth. We also offer general and family dentistry. Call for an appointment today!

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