Snow Days for the Team of the Parkway Dentist

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WHETHER YOU’RE LYING BACK relaxing in the dental chair or curled up in the warmth of your home, you may not be the only one dreaming about a tropical vacation.

To brighten up the cold winter months, we thought we’d share some of our thoughts and memories of snow days we’ve had with all of you.

We asked our team…

  1. “Do you like snow days?”
  2. “What do you do on a snow day?”
  3. “What is your favorite Snow Day memory? “

Here are their answers!


I love snow days. Usually I read on a snow day.
My favorite memory is sitting on my balcony in uptown Dallas and watching the snow fall with my chiminea warming me.


Every now and then everyone needs a good snow day. I like to light candles and a fire in the fireplace.
I’m sure my good snow memories involve building snowmen or sledding down the neighborhood hill. Not too much of that going on in Texas. 😉

Dr. Cook

Do you like snow days? YES!!! What do you do on a snow day? Fire, blanket, cup of hot cocoa, book
What is your favorite Snow Day memory? Fire, blanket, cup of hot co. . .


Do you like snow days? YES!!! What do I do on snow days? I like to snuggle with my dogs and binge watch Lifetime TV!!!
What is your favorite Snow Day memory?
One year it snowed so much all the kids made snow men and we even used food coloring to dye the snow…it was pretty cool!!! They kids loved it and it was very rare for Louisiana/Texas kids!!!


Yup! I love Snow Days!
I do anything I can, from reading by the fire to hanging out with my family playing games and improving my talents.
I remember one time it snowed so much that we could actually play in it. So a few friends and I went to the park and built a huge snowman. so big we could barely lift the head to put it on.


Yes. I like to cuddle up on the couch with a hot beverage, coffee, tea, hot chocolate. While watching movies.
Favorite memory, sitting at home in Minnesota in front of the fireplace with my brothers and sisters!


YES! I love them. =D
When they come I do absolutely nothing! and I love every second.
One time me and my sister made a snowball. Only you could call it a snowboulder because it was 6 feet!

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