The Most Important Procedure For Smile Makeover Patients

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 Aledo cosmetic smile makeover

Hello, I’m Dr. Justin Cook of The Parkway Dentist in Ft. Worth. If you want to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry, I invite you to visit me for an exam and consultation. I believe that the initial consultation is the most important procedure of a smile makeover. During your no-pressure smile transformation consultation we…

We Love Our Patients!

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Recently the Parkway Dentist held a Giveaway. The Parkway Dentist Music in the Gardens Giveaway. It was a way for us to show our thanks  and love to our patients, and their friends in the Fort Worth area. The Giveaway prize included  “2 tickets to see The Music of U2 from the “Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra”…

5 Tips For Aledo Residents With Mouth Sores

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Prevent Mouth Sores Arlington

Hi. I’m Dr. Justin Cook. When my Arlington and Saginaw area patients get mouth sores, I advise them to evaluate what they’re eating and make some changes. By following these tips, you too can avoid the discomfort of eating and help to increase the speed of healing. 1. Eat soft or pureed foods. Don’t worry,…

Are All Carbs Created Equal?

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Diet Changes For Healthier Teeth In Ft. Worth

Hello, I am Dr. Justin Cook of The Parkway Dentist in Ft. Worth. Today, we are focusing on diet and oral health. I’m sure you brush and floss regularly and hopefully visit your Ft. Worth dental practice for necessary cleanings, but did you know that making small but critical changes to your diet can improve…

4 Reasons To Look For The ADA Seal In Benbrook

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 Aledo cosmetic dental and adult braces

When you go to your Arlington, Saginaw, or Aledo drugstore or supermarket looking for toothpaste, mouthwash, teeth whitener, or another oral care product, be sure that the product you choose carries the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. Today in our Ft. Worth dental blog, we are going to look at 4 ways the ADA…

If Only I Had Taken Care Of My Teeth…

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caring dentist Ft. Worth

Brush. Floss. Get regular checkups. It will sound so simple when you have dentures. How many times have you said, “If only!” “If only I had changed my oil,” “If only I had stayed in college,” ‘If only I had worn sunscreen.” We hope you don’t ever say, “If only I had taken care of…

Keep Teeth Healthy During Pregnancy

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Dental Cleanings During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, your oral health may be the last thing on your mind. However, many Benbrook women experience an increase in dental problems during pregnancy. This article contains important information for expectant Ft. Worth mothers and those planning to become pregnant. Dr. Weldon Bryant recommends having a thorough dental cleaning early in your…

Is Mouthwash A Must In Benbrook?

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cosmetic dentist Parkway

Many folks in the Benbrook and Fort Worth area wonder if daily mouthwash should be part of their dental routine. Brushing and flossing are the two habits that have the greatest impact on dental health, so if you’re doing these two things, is mouthwash necessary? If you’ve ever walked the aisles of any Ft. Worth, TX, drugstore,…

Ft. Worth Children’s Dental Care And Thumb Sucking

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Open Bite

For years, Ft. Worth parents have been warned that thumb-sucking can cause future dental problems for their thumb-loving toddlers. One of these problems is a type of malocclusion called an open bite. An open bite occurs when the front teeth in the lower and upper jaw have been moved forward; often to the extent that…