The Parkway Dentist Takes a Pie

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There’s nothing quite like the sensation…

of a cool, gooey splat of a cream pie hitting your face. And The Parkway Dentist can attest to that. Because The whole office took a pie to the face.


Well back in early May we put a challenge out to our patients in the Forth Worth, Benbrook area, that If We Whiten 12 Smiles (with all proceeds to charity) By May 31st. Our team would take CREAM PIES IN THE FACE!  You filled that challenge, and that’s exactly what happened!

As you can see we kept our word. However we weren’t quite done we we went around asking a few questions to find out what was going through their heads as they were being hit with pie.

How did you feel when you heard you had to take a pie in the face?

What did it feel like getting hit with a pie? Was it what you expected?

Would you do it again?
Was this a childhood dream or a bucket list item?


I was not excited at all about taking a pie in the face!
When the pie hit my face it felt cool and soft. Not at all bad experiences but still glad I had my head covered!
I was expecting it to be more gross than it was.
I would NOT do it again. (Unless my boss made me)😝
No one in their right mind dreams of having a pie in the face, maybe if it was a nightmare.
Would not EVER put this on my bucket list, Oh wait, I don’t have a bucket list.😬

Dr. Cook:

Felt?  Which one- by my estimation I took FOUR to the face. . . but every one of them felt delicious!

They were Soft and yummy. 😝

Delicious, soft yummy to my face. . . um yes, more please, and can I get some strawberries to go with it?

Not so much on a list, but I can check it off now, right?


I thought a pie in the face was a funny idea, it was a weird feeling. I didn’t mind doing it, after all it was showing our commitment to out pts who has faithfully donated to the charity.
As for doing it again, yes I think I would.


I was dreading getting a pie in my face. But I had fun doing it and enjoyed the teams spirit behind it. Do not need to do it again though.


I felt happy that we met our smiles for life goal but was apprehensive about getting the pie in the face.
It felt cold and sticky! And exactly what I expected!
Yes, I would do it again for a Great cause!
Was not even on my radar for a dream to do or on my
Bucket list!!!


I was stressed, I did not want pie in my hair and i wasn’t sure how everything was going to unfold. The pie was very cold and wet and a lot  runnier than I originally thought. Again!? Ha No. Can’t say it was a childhood dream or on my bucket list.


I was excited, I mean a pie in the face of this scale is a once in a life time opportunity, right?
Getting hit was odd, I inhaled some pie and bruised my nose. not what I expected.
Would I do it again?  Depends on my mood I guess. But Sure Why not.
Definitely a childhood dream!


I wasn’t excited when I first heard about getting the pies in the face but knowing it was for a good cause I was willing to do it. It was a sticky mess but I would totally do it again.

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