Urgent Dental Care Isn’t as Scary as You Think

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Many Fort Worth residents will experience at least one tooth emergency in their life. You could crack a tooth, accidentally dislodge a crown, experience sudden pain caused by an abscess, or break a wire on your braces. In the case of a dental emergency, it is critical to see your Fort Worth dentist as soon as possible.

Yet many individuals with a pressing dental issue refuse to go to an urgent dental clinic because they have severe dental anxiety. A common reason for this anxiety is the dreaded dental drill. Just the sound of it is enough to make people cringe.

Many men and women in Fort Worth, Texas wonder if there will ever be an alternative to the dreaded dental drill. Guess what? Now there is. Drill-less dentistry is typically called air abrasion or microabrasion. Air abrasion can be used for common dental procedures such as removing tooth decay or preparing tooth surfaces for sealants or bonding. An air abrasion instrument works like a little sandblaster. It shoots a fine stream of particles at the area that would generally be drilled. After the stream of particles strikes and removes the decay, the materials are suctioned out of the mouth.

Another technology that helps make treatment quicker and less painful is laser dentistry. Pinpoint-precise Diode lasers are used for emergency root canals, crown lengthening, root scaling, biopsies, oral lesion removal, and treatment of dental decay. Laser procedures are easier on the patient and require shorter healing times.

Still not convinced? Sedation dentistry to the rescue. If advanced technology and equipment don’t ease your mind, consider sleeping through your treatment. We offer several levels of sedation for even the most terrified patients.

Dental issues–especially urgent ones–don’t go away. They get worse. The team at The Parkway Dentist will help you through your treatment.

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