Why We Love Dentistry

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-absolutely_free_photos-original_photos-teeth-checkup-at-dentists-office-4928x3264_20753The Parkway Dentist is full of incredible Assistants, Hygienists, and a fantastic Dentist. Each who love their patients and their job.   Ever wonder how we got where we are and why?

We wanted our beloved patients to know. So we went around  and asked our team and Doctor…

  • 1.Why did you go into Dentistry?
  • 2. What do you love best about your job?

Dr. Justin Cook

I prayed about a job that would allow me be the kind of dad I wanted to be… dentistry was the answer.

I love the people. The ones I employ, the ones I serve, and the ones that come home to.


Honestly I went into dentistry because I found myself recently divorced and I needed a career. I saw an advertisement on TV for dental assisting school and I thought “that looks like something I could do and that I would enjoy!” I was Right!!!!
What I love best about my job is working with a great team as we help people with all aspects of there dental care and we have a awesome time doing it! 🙂 I love job!!!!
 I realized I want to be a dental professional when I had my braces, I saw my smile change for the better and I knew I wanted to help others experience the same thing.
 I went into dentistry at the suggestion of my husband. I was trying to decide what career path to pursue and he thought I would make a good hygienist. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.
I love the interaction with people and the rewarding feeling I have when someone comes to understand the benefit of their oral health. Bringing some one through treatment to improve the health of their gums and watching them be successful is such a great feeling!
 I was obsessed with getting my teeth cleaned when I was a little girl. I also adored my hygienist. I thought she was amazing, this instilled a great love of Dentistry in me that I pursed when I got older.
I Love Absolutely Everything! 😀
 I went into dentistry because I love the medical field. I wanted to do something different than everyone else I knew who was doing medical work (Which was medical assisting or nursing.) I am a people person and love connecting with, and helping people on a personal level. Dentistry just made sense.
What  I love best about my job is the way a positive experience in the dental office can change someones life. From dental anxiety to confidence in their smile. I love that I can help people achieve this.

We hope you understand why we chose Dentistry. Out of all the jobs we could have chosen we chose to serve you!

If you are in the Ft. Worth, area and would like to meet with a dental professional and team who cares for their patients, give us a call at The Parkway Dentist to schedule an examination.

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