Dental Technology

Dentistry in Fort Worth

At The Parkway Dental, We are constantly on the cutting edge of technology, and equip our office with the tools that will maximize your dental experience. Our dental technology allows our patients to enjoy gentler care paired with precise results. Some of the technology we provide at The Parkway Dental in Fort Worth, also serving Benbrook is explained below.

Cone Beam Imaging System

We use a cone beam system to take 360° 3D images of your mouth, jaw, and skull right here in our office. Our office can glean detailed information from this imaging system, resulting in greater accuracy during this dentistry procedure.

Digital X-Rays

Our digital x-ray machine emits a significantly smaller amount of radiation than a traditional x-ray machine. You can enjoy a safer scan while your dentist sees all of the small details he needs to assess your oral health. Digital x-rays help us to detect cavities and decay so that we can provide you with a correct diagnosis and effective treatment if necessary.

Convenient, Accurate, and Accessible
All of our imaging and information is digital. Some of the benefits of digital imaging include:

  • Digital imaging makes transferring your information to insurance companies or other offices simple and hassle-free.
  • Our digital imaging consists of high resolution images that will ensure that our office knows everything we need to know about your smile for precise diagnosis and successful treatment.
  • Digital imaging is a comfortable and quick process for the patient, promising painless and brief office visits.

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