ClearCorrect Braces

Why Choose Orthodontics?

get adult braces from our orthodontist in Fort Worth

Straight teeth are healthier, more beautiful, and less prone to dental problems than crooked teeth. However, many patients avoid orthodontics because they feel self-conscious about the way braces may change their appearance.

That’s why we’re proud to offer an alternative to traditional metal braces in a warm, family-friendly environment. With ClearCorrect, you can straighten crooked teeth without the self consciousness. Our skilled dental team can give you the smile you have always wanted.

Orthodontics can improve your life in the following ways:

  • Get Your Ideal Aesthetic: There’s a lot to be said about the way confidence can affect your daily life. Orthodontics can give you a smile that you love to share in social and professional situations. Everyone will notice your new and improved look, and more importantly, you’ll have a heightened sense of self-esteem.
  • Protect Your Health: Braces do more than just enhance your appearance. Straight teeth are easier to clean and less susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay. There are fewer places for bacteria to fester, so you can stave off oral pain, invasive procedures, jawbone deterioration, and tooth loss.

What Are ClearCorrect Braces?

For patients with minor misalignment issues, ClearCorrect is the perfect alternative to traditional metal braces. Instead of brackets and wires, ClearCorrect utilizes a series of invisible aligners that gently push your teeth until they gradually move into their most ideal positions.

ClearCorrect aligners are made with a smooth and comfortable plastic. Because they are perfectly fitted to your teeth and virtually invisible, your friends and family won’t notice your orthodontics.

How Do ClearCorrect Adult Braces Straighten My Teeth?

ClearCorrect clear braces are a fast and effective orthodontic available in Benbrook.
ClearCorrect braces consist of a series of invisible, medical-grade plastic aligners. You will change your clear braces to the next aligners in the series every two weeks, gently nudging your teeth closer to their ideal positions. Your clear braces will be individually manufactured with your dentist’s exact specifications to move your unique teeth.

What Are the Advantages of ClearCorrect Braces?

ClearCorrect is a great form of adult braces because they will not interfere with your day-to-day life. These adult braces are:

  • Virtually invisible – ClearCorrect are practically invisible braces, so most people won’t even know you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment!
  • Easily removable – These invisible braces are completely removable. Remove the aligners properly by pulling on both sides, then the front portion
  • Restriction-free – You can take the aligners out to eat whatever you like and clean your teeth normally.
  • Fast-acting – ClearCorrect aligners can straighten your teeth faster than traditional braces, depending on your individual treatment plan. ClearCorrect braces gradually lead to perfectly straight teeth as you wear them, each aligner moving your teeth just a little bit at a time.
  • Reduced discomfort – ClearCorrect is THE alternative to traditional metal braces. With ClearCorrect, you can straighten your teeth without metal brackets scraping the inside of your mouth.

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ClearCorrect invisible braces turn crooked teeth into straight teeth.
We hope that you choose The Parkway Dentist for your orthodontic needs. We believe we can give you the comfortable and effective orthodntic treatment that is customized to your needs. You won’t have to change your diet or your daily routine to wear clear braces. Contact us today to schedule an orthodontic consultation!

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