Emergency Dentistry

Get Relief From Tooth Pain Near Benbrook

Emergency dentistry can help patients with tooth pain in Fort Worth.

Do you have tooth pain that won’t quit in Fort Worth? Maybe you have tooth pain as the result of an injury. Do you have another problem that you would consider a dental emergency?

If so, the dentists and our caring, well-trained team at The Parkway Dentist consider it a dental emergency, too, and we will do our best to give you the emergency dentistry treatment you need in Fort Worth. At our practice, we’ll make sure you get the care you need right when you need it. We are often able to see dental emergencies the same day!

Emergency dentistry near Benbrook refers to any appointment when we use general and restorative dentistry procedures in a timely fashion to eradicate your tooth pain and provide a solution during an emergency situation.

We want to provide relief as quickly as possible and never want any patient to suffer or be uncomfortable after a dental trauma if there is anything we can do to help.

Kid from Benbrook about to experience a dental emergency.Reasons To Visit the Emergency Dentistry

Some examples of a dental emergency you may have that may require us to implement emergency dentistry treatments include:

  • Extreme Tooth Pain | Tooth pain near Benbrook can be a result of an injury or can be from a variety of other causes. We will do our best to give your emergency dentistry treatment to ease your tooth pain.
  • Injury | Sometimes, we get injured. If this injury is causing you tooth pain, a loose tooth, or worry of any kind, please call right away.
  • Loose Tooth | If your tooth is loose, this can indicate a variety of problems. We are happy to talk to you and see what we can do to give you emergency dentistry treatment to remedy your dental emergency in Fort Worth.
  • Trouble with Fillings or Other Dental Work | If you are concerned about potential problems with your dental work, this could signal a dental emergency. We are happy to offer emergency dental treatment if it is necessary.

In all cases, if you are concerned, we encourage you to call. We are skilled with emergency dentistry procedures and want to do all we can to treat your dental emergency or tooth pain in the Fort Worth & Benbrook area.

As we speak with you, we may need to refer you to a medical doctor if needed, but we are experienced and can offer you advice on which emergency dentistry treatment may be best for you.

Don’t worry if you are already a patient of ours or not. Our dental emergency team can help you if you are in Fort Worth or Benbrook and suffering from tooth pain! Call us if you need us! We care about your dental health and want to restore your beautiful smile.

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