Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental Bridge and Dental Crown Options in Fort Worth

Dental crowns and bridges help fix gaps in your smile.

Do you have missing teeth that are causing you embarrassment? Are you reluctant to go out in public, or maybe you just don’t open your mouth often or put your hand to your mouth? This is a painful way to live life.

Or maybe you have teeth that need to be repaired because they are damaged, broken, cracked, chipped, misshapen, or discolored. We at The Parkway Dentist understand this. We offer several solutions that can give you your beautiful smile and your active life back.

Two of the procedures are dental crowns and dental bridges, both offered at our practice in Fort Worth!

What are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Our dental crowns in Fort Worth are custom-made porcelain caps that are placed on either your damaged tooth or on dental implants that give you a fabulous “new” tooth. Dental crowns near Benbrook have many things going for them.

  • Porcelain dental crowns may sound fragile, but they are remarkably sturdy.
  • A tooth crown near Benbrook looks just like your natural teeth and fit into your smile perfectly. This is possible because the tooth crown is color-matched to your natural teeth and shaped, so it nestles into your smile just right. So smile, laugh, and don’t duck away from getting your photo taken. A tooth crown can be completely undetectable to everyone!
  • Dental crowns feel just like your natural teeth. If you have had a missing tooth and the tooth crown is placed on a dental implant, it’s as if you have a new tooth! If your tooth is damaged in some way, dental crowns can give you that full, complete feeling in your mouth and smile.
  • Dental crowns function just like your natural teeth. Eat and chew what you like.
  • A tooth crown requires no special care. Just brush and floss as you regularly do to maintain great dental health, and see your dentist for checkups as you usually do.
Amazing staff!!! Jodie was very warm and professional when going over my treatment plan and my options. Tina took great care of me and was a joy to talk with! Dr. Kiene did amazing work with a problem that another dentist created! He found a solution and was able to fix it with minimal pain and inconvenience! The whole experience was positive from start to finish!

Kristin B.

Dental Bridges

get tooth crowns and dental bridges Fort Worth and Benbrook
Another option for repairing your smile are dental bridges in Fort Worth. What are dental bridges? Dental bridges are a small apparatus that actually bridges a gap in your smile. If you have one tooth missing, dental bridges near Benbrook can be placed over that one gap permanently.

Dental bridges are secured on each side of the gap with dental crowns. If you have several teeth missing side by side, we usually recommend having dental implants topped with dental crowns on each side of the gap, so we can then put dental bridges over those gaps.

Missing or Damaged Teeth? Schedule a Dental Crowns or Bridges Consultation in Fort Worth!

Both systems can give you a brand new smile that is healthier and more attractive than you thought possible! Call, text, or email today and get more info about our beautiful dental bridges and tooth crowns in Fort Worth! We would love to sit down and discuss your dental bridge and crown options to help you discover what’s best for you!

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